Slip Safe Floors

Our Services


We analyze and test the Co-efficient of Friction of your Floors

Our team of qualified technicians will evaluate the dynamic co-efficient of friction of your floors and provide results and recommendations for a safer surface.  We are happy to provide this service at no cost to you!


We Treat and Correct

Our safe chemical treatment is applied to the floor, tub or shower surface by our team. This highly effective process can be done with minimal to no interruption to your daily business and routine. Our treatment will not change the appearance of your floors or tub - except maybe making them look cleaner and like new! The result will be a surface with up to two times the traction than before, even when wet!! The likelihood of slips and falls will be greatly reduced and your surfaces will be safer for you, your customers, and your employees.


We Maintain

Our treatment comes with a warranty.  Every floor, shower and bathtub treated by us  is warranted to have an increased dynamic coefficient of friction for at least one to five years.  And we back that up.  As your partner in safety we schedule annual visits at no cost to you  to ensure your floors stay safe.

See What Our Customers Say

Boston Pizza

 "We are very pleased with your product. I would recommend Slip Safe Floors to anyone who owns a restaurant. Our floors continue to be safe and its been well over a year since it was first applied."

Boston Pizza - North American Restaurant Chain 

Shorepointe Recreational Center

 "The area around our pool was like a skating rink. When I saw a child run around the pool, I had a heart attack. We had kids slipping all the time. I haven't seen one accident since your application. Thank you so much."

Shorepointe Recreation Center – International Resort 

TCBY Treats

 "I own two very busy TCBY stores. I have never seen anything do this before. I am very impressed with how safe my floors are now, especially since we used to have issues with people slipping and falling all the time."

TCBY Treats – North American Yogurt Franchise 

Holiday Inn Express

 "I would like to offer our sincerest thanks for introducing us to your Sure Step product. We have tried many different slip resistant solutions over the years and I think this is the best we have come across"

Allen S. - Holiday Inn Express 


 "I have never seen anything like it.  Our kitchen floor was a disaster ... the staff were falling all the time.  I didn't believe that your Non-Slip would make such a difference, but the floors are no longer dangerous.  solution Thank you."

- McDonald's Restaurant 

Hyatt Hotel

 "Our bathtubs always had bathmats until we were introduced to SURE STEP Non-Slip.  Now all our bathtubs are treated with your remarkable product. "

- Hyatt Hotel